Animation journey – 90s to till date

Some of our fondest memories of our childhood go back to the weak of heart Sunday morning shows and movies watched on TV. The interest and excitement of children to see caricature films and animated films may have led a large number of production facilities, in such a short period of time, to bring about emotional change in the animation industry.

Animation is still about narration, but the process of telling the story has changed. Animation is only art-in-motion, and it is presented in motion today through history. Over the years the history of animation has changed.

We now live in a world where computers and the Internet help create some stunning animated personages and films that a wide range of people are enjoying worldwide.

Early animated Indian films

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Computer progress has over the years altered the creation of animation. The first film made using a Computer Animation Production System that eliminated the requirements of a standard animated camera was Walt Disney’s Rescuers Down Under. Toy Story was the first fully computer animated film to be released around the same time. It was created by means of masterful strategies such as the simple disguise and mixed colours that could not be conceived by more seasoned movement types.

The 2000s: Rage of the Flash

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Most personal computers introduced Flash to show smart site pages, games and videos. The programming of Macromedia Flash (as Adobe Flash is currently known) has been developed prominently both within the expert business and outside it.

2010 to till date

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Animation has become one of the most popular and booming industries with significant Internet, social media, TV, film and web series presentations across the entire geography for all ages. While Flash has passed and computer animated strategies remain the mainstream due to their inventiveness, flexibility and openness.

Animation throughout India

Animated films have been regarded as an important tool to teach children about educational and social subjects since their beginning. Ek Anek Aur Ekta, a short generally powered, instructive film that came out in 1974, is the milestone of animated movies from the Film Division. The film has been showing on Doordarshan for quite some time and has become a popular watch among kids. Ghayab Aya is an Indian film that was first shown on Doordarshan in 1986.

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