Should I enroll in an animation school or use online tutorials to learn?

You’ve been watching animation for hours. You’re astounded by how digital art can produce such stunning graphics. Now all you have to do is learn it and start animating for your ideal studio! The question now is whether to learn animation on your own or enrol in a school.

People can access any information while sitting on the couch at this moment. It doesn’t matter if you’re learning to play the guitar or getting a crash course in quantum mechanics. Everything has its own tutorial. Are they, however, of any use in terms of long-term job advancement? Here are some things to think about when attempting to answer this topic.

Basic abilities

The issue is that there is a plethora of lessons available. The majority of them are simply expert ‘tips and tricks,’ or at most, show you how to use software to achieve particular tactics. Of certainly, they are beneficial, but only to individuals who have prior knowledge in the field. It is critical for a newbie to have a solid understanding of the fundamentals. Looking out various methods to texture a cube takes not just a lot of time, but it’s also pretty frustrating (hello blender people!).

Cost of education

Assume you discovered a complete course on YouTube for free. Why pay a premium charge to study information that can be found for free on the Internet? Call it old-school, but enrolling in a creative-oriented college gives you real-world experience managing projects within a certain time frame. It provides a rigorous structure for the entire animation process. To speak of fees, if someone chooses to learn on their own, the whole cost of obtaining a high-end laptop, software, and other materials would be nearly equal to the fees you’d be paying. It’s worth noting that educational institutions are always running the most recent version of software.

Additional talents

Keep in mind that you’re receiving more than just practical experience. There are many people who share your passion for animation but think in different ways. You’d learn how to approach a problem by trying out a variety of solutions and working as a team.

One of the most important abilities in every career is the ability to work well with others. Your classmates would be the first individuals you’d want to collaborate with on short cartoons. It is critical to learn with other pupils in order to build a challenging mindset. Sure, there are forums and discussion boards, but as old-fashioned as it may sound, nothing beats face-to-face interaction!


Tutorials are excellent, and competency can still be attained. However, only in select areas. The quality of one’s portfolio determines whether or not one is recruited. Of course, there are many self-taught animators, but given the increasing need for this profession and the complexity of new age software in recent years, there are a growing number of self-taught animators. To be honest, the number of studios or jobs that require a certificate in related subjects has increased to the point where it is now a requirement rather than a preference. When applying for jobs, having an advanced qualification boosts your chances.

Assistance in job placement

When it comes to online learning, this could be the deciding factor. Even if you learn the abilities through online tutorials or a course, it doesn’t mean you’ll get a job. You’ll need to work on your portfolio, interview skills, and interview scheduling on your own. However, if you enrol in a animation school, you will be given placement aid. Take, for example, Arena Mehdipatnam  as part of the program, each student receives hands-on training. Students are offered a lot of help in building their professional portfolios. They are also provided interview preparation training and the opportunity to attend interviews with a variety of top companies and universities.

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