List of Professional Courses for Short Term Courses After 10th or 12th

Are you looking for certification programmes that will help you get a job? If so, this article will be beneficial to you! I’ve compiled some of the best certifications available in India.

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In India, certificate courses can be divided into two main categories –

  • Undergraduate level certificate courses
  • Postgraduate level certificate courses

Certificate courses at the undergraduate level and basic training programmes. The majority of them are vocational training programmes. Students who have completed the tenth or twelfth grades are eligible to enrol in such courses.

PG (Postgraduate) certificate courses are much more difficult to complete. They are professional development courses. These courses are designed for graduates. You must have c to pursue a PG certificate course.

I’ve concentrated on undergraduate-level courses in this article. The majority of my readers are in their tenth and twelfth grades. This article will be extremely beneficial to them.

Certificate programmes at the undergraduate level typically last 6 to 12 months. The duration of a course may differ from one institute to the next.

Graduates may also enrol in undergraduate level certificate courses. As previously stated, such programmes are vocational training courses. They are intended to instil valuable skills in students.


In India, as we all know, there are various types of certificate courses available. Some of the most popular categories are as follows:

Certificate in MS Office Proficiency: 

Individuals use Microsoft Office, which includes MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, and MS Project, among other things, in both their personal and professional lives. In fact, knowledge of Microsoft applications is one of the basic requirements for the majority of job profiles. Accounting, business analysis, marketing, and coding all require a working knowledge of Microsoft programmes.

Microsoft is not only used by individuals, but it is also very important for businesses. As a result, most companies value Microsoft certification and prefer certified professionals over non-credentialed peers.

Certificate in Ethical Hacking:

The Certificate in Ethical Hacking (CEH) is a well-known pen-testing certification with an excellent combination of attainability and recognition. Because almost all other penetration testing certifications are either less well-known or more difficult to obtain, the CEH is an excellent first penetration testing certification.

Certificate in Web Designing:

Web design necessitates the creation of graphics, typography, and images that are only used on the World Wide Web. When creating any design, web designers must strike a balance between producing a good design and increasing the speed and efficiency of the webpage/website. Web design is a subset of the design field.

A web designer can work in a variety of areas such as web graphic design, interface design, authoring, user experience design, and so on.

Candidates interested in a career in web design can enrol in an undergraduate or postgraduate programme. Candidates can also take advantage of various short-term online Web Design courses to develop their skill set.

Certificate in Digital Marketing:

The Digital Marketing industry in India is expected to grow to INR 539 billion by the fiscal year 2024, up from INR 199 billion in 2020. Because of the COVID pandemic, digital marketing domains such as Social Media Marketing and online digital marketing via digital platforms are set to grow by the end of 2021. A candidate with 50% in class 12th is eligible to enrol in any of the digital marketing courses, such as short-term certificate courses.

Certificate in Graphic Design:

Graphic designers may be tasked with developing and producing graphic design for a variety of mediums, ranging from digital mobile apps to websites to printed materials, depending on the company. It’s a difficult (but enjoyable) job, and competition for positions can be fierce.

Certificate in VFX and Animation:

Individuals looking for creative jobs in the technical, advertising, or animation fields should look into the VFX and animation programmes. You can express your creativity through animation, graphics, and other visual tools with these programmes. It also provides excellent job opportunities in various fields of entertainment and technology.

Certificate in Game Design:

Certificate programmes in game design are becoming more common. This certificate programme, which can be completed in 15-18 credit hours, prepares students for entry-level positions in the game design industry. In many cases, a game design certificate can be obtained online. The curriculum includes programming languages, animation, computer graphics, and computer science.

Certificate in CAD:

Students in CADD certificate programmes learn how to create designs, manage data, and analyse plans using computer software. They hone their drafting abilities in fields such as electronics, structures, and fluid power. Most CADD certificate programmes are completed in less than a year and have no educational prerequisites other than a high school diploma or its equivalent.

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